Wednesday, 13 November 2013

My EDC MOOC Introduction via VoiceThread #edcmooc

I'm delighted to open this blog by introducing myself to the EDC MOOC group. 

This is a mixture of starting a kind of a reflective journal, giving a brief insight into my background as well as into my reasons for signing up for this MOOC, and, mainly, identifying the goals which I hope to achieve by the end of the course. 

For the first time ever, I tried to produce a Voice Thread, which took me much longer time than I anticipated. The tool definitely has its benefits for sharing ideas and comments, but I probably need to use it more than once to get a feeling of "an easy task to do". Well, it was worth trying anyway. I now hope to get a couple of comments, at least for the sake of seeing the tool working. So, let's learn together! ;)
To add your audio, video or text comment to the Voice Thread itself, you'll need to create your free account on and log in.

Behind the scene: 
     I kept playing with Voice Thread for a good few hours as I boldly refused to go for the simplest option of uploading and commenting on a single image (nothing to be proud of, I believe). First, I tried out making a voice thread from Power Point slides. After spending ages recording, deleting and re-recording the audio - who knows how many audio files one needs to record to get skilled and confident enough to handle that task from the firs attempt! -. that eventually worked out, but I didn't really like the fact that there were seven comment added by me to support each slide, which also tended to switch awkwardly slowly. 
     So I then decided to play with uploading and creating a voice thread from a video. For that purpose, I converted the Power Point slides into a video (same story with the audio - I hope one day I'll smile at those memories). I knew that Voice Thread did not support every video format, and, quite predictably, that was exactly the message I received on trying to upload my creation.
     Never mind a tough game, I set up to create a screen-share video using Jing! I bet you can guess the part of the adventure with the audio recording... Well, I managed that much quicker that time (at least the rehearsals didn't get wasted) and was quite delighted with the result, especially as that was the first time I made a Jing-video. I started celebrating my successful video production just to find out that the other format was not supported by Voice Thread either. That's some bad luck... I chose to sign that off as learning from mistakes rather than allowing for any disappointment to creep in. In the end of the day, I played with more new digital tools than I did in months, and that should be ticked as relevant practical experience, right?
     Anyways, at that point I just gave up trying to get my "dream voice thread" and went for the very first one with all its downsides. :) Any conclusions to be drawn on that? Well, I'm just too tired to reflect on that bit right now.  Will try and do that later, unless you feel like giving a hand! ;)

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  1. Wow, this is just amazing!!! You has lots of things to teach me, Liliya!

    1. Many thanks for visiting my blog and for adding me to your circles, Lydia! :) It's also so kind of you to leave such a positive comment! I'm not sure what I could teach you as I'm very new to Coursera, MOOCs, blogging and using the tools, but if there is anything I can share with you, it'll be my pleasure! I'm also busy reading your blog, which I find to be very interesting. So, let's stay in touch! ;)

  2. Hi Liliya! Thanks for visiting my blog and letting me know. You're my first commentor :)) Anyway I'm just leaving a comment to let you know I got your message. I received it while checking my e-mail. Yes I have 5, actually 8 MOOCs right now haha so yeah busy. But i dropped 2 of them already. I can't catch up with the requirements! Haha.. So I just download the videos and will go back to it when I have time. But Coursera is fun :) I love learning. I like to blog, writing is very therapeutic for me. I'm sure you're going to enjoy MOOCs and blogging and other stuff you'll be engaging with!

  3. Will see more of you soon! I'll come back and check your voice thread when I'm back on catching up with my MOOCs. I need to allot a seperate time to focus on my MOOCs :)) happy learning! And nice to meet you here in the World Wide Web! :)

    1. Many thanks for returning my message, Tony!
      Doing 8 MOOCs at the same time? Wow, that's impressive. No wonder you had to drop a couple. And yes, time management is a must there! I'd be pleased to have your comment on my first attempt at using Voice Thread, whenever your busy schedule allows!