Sunday, 24 November 2013

From the history of technological development in "Bendito Machine III" to the fatal side-effects in the grim future in "New Media" - dystopian films compared #edcmooc

"New Media" draws a picture of a very grim future indeed and its many fetures remind of "Bendito Machine III". It feels like the first film is a logical continuation of  the second one: whilst "Bendito Machine" presents the stages of technological development and stresses out its destructive side-effects (read one of my previous posts), "New Media" is an insight into the grim future of humanity when fatal effects of technology reach their culmination (watch on Vimeo). When comparing the two films, I noticed that even if there are any differences in the presentation of their main points, it is only to show that the choices still available to humans during the stages of technological progression are disabled when technology reaches the highest level of its development.

Behind the scene:
In this post, I presented my comparison of the two films in a type of infographic created on pictochart platform. I have noticed that infographics are growing more and mpre popular and wanted to try and create one for quite some time, but never had time to go any further than that. As the EDC MOOC progresses, I follow some wonderful blogs and have spotted some great charts created on different platform, which reminded me of my intention of trying out infographics. So I explored some of my x-years old bookmarks and discovered and made my very first pictochart, which you can see above.

Pictochart has free accounts alongside commercial ones, which is good. What is on the bad side to me, even though the tool is rather straightforward producing a pictochart is by no means a 5-minute business: adjusting every piece is quite a time-consuming procedure. For that reason my first pictochart is very basic - I simply could not make myself to go any further with exploring the tool. Anyways, should there be some good amount of free time, I can go back to the platform and vreate some more pictochart. It might be also worth browsing the net for similar and possibly some more user-friendly infographic generators. 

Have you got any links to share? ;)

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